Easy Home Offers Pays Cash for Oklahoma City Homes

We help homeowners sell their house with ease, without the Real Estate Market.

With over 35 years of real estate experience we navigate through the property selling process to make your life simpler.

Easy Home Offers is your Local Home Buyer in Oklahoma City

We Buy Houses in any condition with compassion, and Respect your Dignity.

Meet Easy Home Offers! This website brings us together to form the ultimate Helpful Home Buyers experience. Our mission is to connect homeowners with the best offers off of the real estate market.

Easy Home Offers, was founded on the principles of helping sellers find more property solutions than the real estate market will afford. Our business is family and veteran owned and we happily operate in the Oklahoma City market.

Humble values and strong faith compel us to help our neighbors on a daily basis. We strongly believe in making ourselves useful to our community and highly regard our Oklahoma City neighborhoods. We see this as a solid base for our efforts to restore dwellings with beauty, good families, and creating new friends.

Why do we focus so much on the Direct to Buyer experience?

Because you deserve more choices!

Historically the real estate market has been viewed as the best way to sell. It’s probably because realtors by far outnumber off-market buyers. As a matter of fact, the National Association of REALTORS, proudly claims it’s ,” a leading force in organized real estate, dedicated to its members’ success”.

Well, we’re happy to say we aren’t among these members. Suffice to say it’s not in our DNA to broadly assume listing contracts, staging your house for tons of showings, making repairs for curb appeal, or splitting your profits by paying commissions and fees is the best strategy to sell your home. Suffice to say, we are not Real Estate Agents, yet we center our attention on helping homeowners sell their homes, primarily off of the real estate market.

“This company helps homeowners every day. I love to see how this family comes together to help people in need

– Sarah Goodman Norman, OK

The best time to grow a tree was 20 years ago…

The forms can’t fill themselves out and we can’t reach you without them.

  • Don’t make repairs.
  • Don’t pay closing costs.
  • Leave what you want behind.

Release your burden and get paid today!

Help us help you. We provide value whenever we find the opportunity. Let’s make it a point to meet and see what it takes to get you where you want to be.

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Our first priority is bringing the highest value to any transaction. Whether we buy your house ourselves or suggest a better outlet, rest assured that we’ll explore every opportunity to get you the most money for your investment. In full disclosure, if we think your best options are within the set of conventional real estate buyers, we’ll gladly point it out suggest a good realtor.

Don’t hesitate… Call us now and let us pick up wherever you left off.

Our Helpful Home Buying goals line up perfectly. We get to help homeowners sell their house fast and fairly on a daily basis. In addition, we get to beautify our neighborhoods with renovated homes and updated appearances.

We enjoy bringing new families to our communities and creating a fresh start! We can’t say there’s anything more fulfilling than watching all this come together every single week!

Let us take a look at your place.

It only takes a short call to realize how we provide you and the community with unforeseen value

If there is anything we’re good at its connecting the dots. Our model is to listen to and understand the person we deal with. Take that first step, let us into your place, and be done with your homeownership worries. We promise to take all of your considerations into account.

By asking the right questions we aim to make sense of your situation and produce the best options. And if we find that there’s a better buyer out there for you, we’ll let it be known- that’s our pledge to you!